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Callina Style - Classy & Ethical

Callina Style - Classy & Ethical

Having just come back from South America, it's pretty perfect timing to write about one of my favorite brands, Callina. My favorite descriptor of Callina actually comes straight off of their website: 

"Weaving a Peruvian countryside sensibility into a line with a decidedly urban-cosmopolitan point of view."


This mixture of style and sensibility is what makes Callina unique - their pieces are perfect for a city woman who wants to look good and be conscious about where her clothing is sourced from and how it is made.

Their incredible warm fabrics are woven with yarn from alpaca, supporting communities in Peru who have been tending the animals for generations. (And how great is it to know that these animals are able to roam the land rather than being cooped up in some pen?!). In fact, when Willie took the photos of me that are in this post - in the Paola Cardigan and the Ellie Pullover, it was only in the 30's and I was really surprised by how warm the pieces kept me. I had taken my large winter coat with me just in case, but what able to keep it off most of the time!

What makes them even more impressive is their eco-friendly dyes. One of the most harmful aspects of the fashion industry is the toxic dyes that wind up in our water systems. Callina doesn't use any of those chemicals. BIG WIN. (Applause! Applause!)

Give Callina a look and a try - they'll bring a sophistication to your closet and peace to your mind. 

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