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Cleaning Out Your Closet: A How-To

So one of the biggest complaints I hear this days is in regards to closet space. 

I have SO much to get rid of, what do I do with all of it?? 

Additionally, there are all these books and posts out there touting the benefits of doing a clean out (which I cannot argue with at all!), so I thought I'd put together a post that offers alternatives to the choice we most often default to: donating.

Photo: Alexandra Gorn

Rent Her Closet With StyleLend

Ok, so I love pretty clothes just as much as the next girl. I mean, I have a hard time not hyperventilating when I walk into Intermix (it's a problem). However, I have learned sooooo much in the past few years about fashion and how many levels of bad it actually is. Fashion isn't inherently bad, of course. It's what we do with fashion.