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How I Learned To Be A Woman....Wait, Nevermind.

Clearly, there are so many ways to be a woman. We no longer have to fit into traditional stereotypes of dresses and frailty and helplessness (unless we want to, which is totally fine). The idea of what is female has become increasingly nuanced, granting each of us the freedom to define womanhood on our own terms. Thankfully for us, all of the women and men that are out there have different and interesting and complex tastes, and so, we can all find our significant other, our tribe, our supporters while still remaining true to ourselves.
Complexity noted, womanhood to me means to be caring. 

What Is This Space For?

This space is for you. This space is for me as well. This space is where I want to share with you messages of motivation, growth, and balance. It's also where I want to be able to come to get my thoughts out. But I figured it might be best to start with why I've created it, so here goes…

Photo: Willie Morris