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Living Small

Living Small

I’ve been living my life so small for so long.

acting as if my universe ends right outside my body

obsessed with all my inner workings

staying only inside my little world,


of what might lay outside


of the hard words I might encounter


of the opportunities that might come.

What if I can’t handle them?

What if I’m not strong enough?

What if they don’t like me?

my universe is safe, inside me.

my thoughts can be whatever makes me feel loved,


this life is not meant to be lived so safe.

take a chance

let them not like you

because they might actually love you

and you might actually love them.

Fitness for Perfectionists (Possibly part 1)

Fitness for Perfectionists (Possibly part 1)

Unexpected Life Experiences --> Unexpected Life Lessons

Unexpected Life Experiences --> Unexpected Life Lessons