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Happy New Year and HAPPY Monday!

Happy New Year and HAPPY Monday!

Since today is not only the first day of the year, but it’s also the infamous first day of the week, can we talk about Mondays? Why is there so much hatred for this day of newness, this chance to start a beautiful new opportunity at life off on the right foot?

My guess is that Monday hatred is masquerading as job hatred (revolutionary idea, I know)- especially if you have some sort of normal job (or school) that actually turns off to an extent on weekends.

Now, if going into Monday - into your responsibilities - is something that makes you miserable, I'm fairly certain you've come across your options once or twice:

1. Accept what is and change the way you think about it (“You know, my boss might be rude, but maybe this is an opportunity for me to practice working with and understanding difficult people. On top of that, I am grateful I have a job and a paycheck when that is not a guaranteed thing.) This might mean finding a therapist or life coach who can help you reframe your thinking. I know that, due to a combinations of genetics and environment, I have a tendency to interpret most things negatively. So therapy, life coaches, positive self-help-type books, and surrounding myself with positive people, have all helped me monitor and adjust my thinking as necessary. If you think that maybe you just have a tendency to not see the good in things, this might be the right move for you.

2. Change your job. Take a risk. Find something that doesn't make you miserable. As a million memes say, “You are not a tree. You do not have roots tying you down. You can change your situation.” (Or something like that.) I know this sounds way easier than it actually is. First off, change is terrifying. Second, it is impossible for many. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love who famously abandoned her husband and life in search of her own happiness, came across to many as selfish. But I don’t think it has to be that way. I don’t believe that finding something that makes you happy has to mean abandoning everything in your life. She has a great quote in her interview with Oprah when she is recounting the story told to her by a woman who could not - for many reasons - abandon her life. But she did have a dream that she brought to fruition by putting her current life and circumstances to work. Every day, no matter her financial situation, she took a dollar bill and put it in a coffee can in the back of her closet. For years and years as she raised her children, she added more coffee cans and continued to fill them. One day, when her reasons for not taking a risk were moved out of her house and living lives of their own, she cashed in those coffee cans and traveled the world on a freighter! So, to paraphrase what Gilbert said, when it comes to dreams:

“Even if you can't have it right now - you're either working toward it or away from it.”

I think we should all share the dream of turning Monday into something we look forward to. Maybe that means erasing a negative mindset or maybe it means finding a step that you can take in whatever direction will change Monday for you. Create a road map. Build a vision board. Buy a Passion Planner. Find a therapist. Stick a coffee can at the back of your closet and drop a dollar in it every day. What do you need to make your dreams a reality?  

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