Welcome to Space For Anything, a dual purpose site.

First: This site is here for models who are looking for a safe space to share their feelings/experiences/frustrations/fears anything. Schedule a free and confidential appointment here.

Second: This site is a space for me to share things that bring me joy, like ethical shopping, wellness, and psychology.

I hope you find Space For Anything to be useful and informative and that you will always feel comfortable sharing feedback with me!



What Is This Space For?

What Is This Space For?

This space is for you. This space is for me as well. This space is where I want to share with you messages of motivation, growth, and balance. It's also where I want to be able to come to get my thoughts out. But I figured it might be best to start with why I've created it, so here goes:

Determined. Empathetic. Indecisive.

When I was in elementary school I won the award for Miss Determination. I didn’t know then, and I still don’t know now what they thought I was determined to do, but I have since realized that yes, if I put my mind to something, there actually is not much that can get in my way. I never used to think that about myself, because I thought if things didn’t go perfectly then it had been a failure…but now I can look back and see my relentlessness whenever it came to something I truly cared about.

Then a couple months ago, a good friend asked me to describe myself in three words and I remembered that elementary school scenario. I realized I am determined. Then I thought about how I can’t watch sad or painful movies because I don’t walk away from them the same person. I walk away from them feeling as if my soul just got into a boxing match with Muhammed Ali and really won’t quite ever be the same. Empathetic. That’s definitely word #2.

Indecisive. Oh boy is that the truth. But I’ve spent 29 years thinking that was a bad thing. And also not giving myself credit for being decisive when it mattered. Being indecisive can also mean being adaptive, and adaptability can be a great thing. It was a quality that helped me navigate the last fifteen years of my modeling career and it has helped me seamlessly transition from “glamorous” photoshoots, to Haitian manufacturing workshops, to an Ivy League university environment and back again. In fact, I learned that I need to reframe my “indecision” as “adaptability”. And that’s what this site is for. I refuse to believe that one must commit themselves to one area in order to excel. I refuse to accept “Jack of all trades, master of none” as my fate. I choose to believe that speaking about, experiencing, and learning in many areas can contribute to a greater whole than could ever be achieved by excellence in and commitment to one arena. I am committing to looking at my adaptability as a skill that has thus far allowed me to navigate my life in a way that makes me proud. 

So I’ve decided to create A Space for Anything. And if it winds up being nothing more than a space for me to dive into all the areas of life I find interesting, then that’s fine. But if it winds up being a space that facilitates communication, growth, and learning for me and for everyone who visits and shares, then I will consider it an even greater win. So I hope you will share with me and I hope that my own sharing will be of some benefit to you. Soul-bearing is not easy, but I believe it is the best way to growth. 


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