Vote With Your Wallet

A lot of people feel helpless. I know I see a lot of hopelessness in everything I read around the internet. There’s not only a lot of negativity happening, there are infinitely more ways for that negativity to be constantly circling you these days. It’s hard to get away from and it’s making many of us feel pretty crappy. But in all honesty, I bet you don’t even know how much power you have. Like, not even a tiny clue. Especially when it comes to fashion!

Each of our daily choices around fashion is a vote for the world we want to live in. As many of us know, the fashion industry has done a lot of harm, but it can also do a lot of good. Since we are all connected to fashion, we all really have the power to make sure that this good outweighs the terrible.

With Space For Anything, I am thrilled to partner with the Fair Trade Fashion Show on their new Vote With Your Wallet Campaign. Via this campaign, we are asking you to consider how each of your choices in fashion impacts your world and pledge to #votewithyourwallet this year and onward. (You can learn more and make your own pledge here!)

Did you know that the National Retail Federation is predicting sales of $717 BILLION DOLLARS this holiday season? Billion. Now, a lot of us can make excuses about not giving our 10% to charity or to the church or to whatever good cause you like to support. Sometimes it’s hard to rationalize supporting others when you feel you are struggling to support yourself. But here is the beautiful thing: you are already spending the money. You are already buying the clothes and buying the gifts! So here is where your vote counts just as much as it does this November 6th: you can vote on where your money goes! YOU don’t have to support big corporations that are likely getting big tax breaks through loop holes and cutting expenses by hiring inhumanely cheap labor. YOU can choose to support the little guys. YOU can choose to support those doing good work in the world. YOU can choose to support companies that are offsetting their carbon footprint or creating employment opportunities where there aren’t hardly any. YOU can vote with your wallet and support the companies engaging in the positive practices that matter to….you.

If you’re going to spend your money anyways (and Lord knows we all will!) why not make sure it does something good? Why not work to change this negative cycle of news with positive action? I know how I’m voting this holiday season and beyond - do you?



PS - What are some of your favorite brands to “vote for” with your wallet? I’d love to know!