The Perfect Gift: Prosperity Candle

How many times have you found yourself stressed out around birthdays and holidays, unsure of what to get someone and not wanting to just buy them some thing just for the sake of it? Well, what if there was a gift that not only could be chosen specifically for the personality of the person you are looking to buy for, but that also makes a tremendous difference in the lives of the women making said gift?

Meet: Prosperity Candle.

*Read to the bottom for a gift from me to you!*

I love this company so much. In fact, when Willie and I got married this past summer, we called on them to make our wedding favors which turned out so perfectly, I could hardly stand it!

You all know how I feel about artisan products and supporting positive impact companies through my purchasing choices, so I follow nearly every artisan brand I come into contact with and generally one leads me to the next and to the next…so, Instagram was originally how I came across this beautiful brand. I took a screen shot of their post, read their story, and reached out to their company immediately in order to start planning our wedding candles. Not only were they kind, flexible, and happy to help in any way they could…they made a stunning product.

Our custom wedding candles

Our custom wedding candles

This blog post specifically is inspired by the beautiful Starburst studio candle they sent me. I ordered it in “Chai” and my apartment now smells like the holidays full-time! Now, my apartment smelling like Christmas brings me big time joy, but the beautiful thing is that purchasing these candles brings exponential joy through employment to the refugee women who have been given a chance to rise through dignified employment. You know the phrase, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”, right? What else could be a more beautiful manifestation of this concept?

Prosperity Candle is a fair trade organization and is B-Corp certified for community and environmental sustainability. They are also vegan – hand poured with high-quality ingredients – and come with or without scent (but I highly recommend the scents! Especially Jasmin & Cypress, Amber & Bergamot, and Cedar & Cardamom!) As if it couldn't get better, their packaging is 100% recyclable.

If you want to make a birthday gift even more personal, check out their zodiac candles! Willie and I now have our Libra and Sagittarius candles and you can now give a meaningful birthday gift with these beauties. And if you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift, through December 15th, 2017, you can use my code HEIDE10 (or click here) to get 10% off anything on their site!

The artisan who made my beautiful Libra candle - her name is Tha Paw. This is her story:

Tha's earliest memories are of Burmese soldiers burning down her house, and fleeing with her family and neighbors. For the next seven years, they moved from village to village searching for a safe place to live.

Arriving in a refugee camp in Thailand, Tha took care of her elderly mother while her siblings attended school. She met and married her husband with whom she has three children. They were finally safe, but opportunities were limited. Then they were given the chance to relocate to the United States.

Today Tha is thankful for the freedom, security, and opportunities she and her husband now enjoy. Her greatest joy is seeing her children thrive.

You can actually send Tha a message as well! Connect with her here:

When you buy from Prosperity Candle, every time you light your candle, you can be sure you’re lighting up the lives of the women who made it. As Prosperity Candle says, "Every candle we pour has a story."

“Strong women lead to strong nations.” -Zainab Salbi

“Strong women lead to strong nations.” -Zainab Salbi