Share Hope - Leggings That Change Lives

What a perfect name. And what a fantastic legging! I came across Share Hope not too long ago when I saw a friend in Haiti working with them. After doing a little research, I saw the incredible impact they are having in Haiti and decided immediately that I needed a pair. You may or may not know that I work with a similar company in Haiti called Deux Mains Designs, and have seen first hand the positive work that can be done through non-profit/for-profit hybrids like them; Share Hope is one of those companies. Share Hope contracts with factories in Haiti, increasing employment opportunities and endless possibilities for many that are marginalized (like the deaf community) through their social programs. 100% of the profits of this social business go directly toward these social programs, including education, improving factory clinics, and providing resources and employment for the those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

"I always believed that this wasn’t the way things should be - that the highest purpose of all business activities should be to make people’s lives better, to give them dignity and a life they can be proud of." - Cynthia Petterson, Co-Founder and President

Also very important to note, however, is the quality of these bad boys. The stitching is impeccable. The fit is great. There is even a little hidden pocket for your keys or to make sure you can carry some money on you when you go for your morning run. Furthermore, they are thick enough that you can wear them to work out in or can feel comfortable wearing them running errands. My only recommendation is that if you are not certain which size to go for, go with the smaller choice. I really couldn't be happier with them! (And a little birdie tells me they will be coming out with more activewear products soon!)

By purchasing a pair of these leggings, you are directly improving the lives of so many people. So honestly, why would you even consider buying from some conglomerate or fast fashion house? We all want to help, but often feel powerless or clueless when it comes to how to do so. Well, here is your answer. Instead of charity, (which often has a purpose, but also can create a vicious cycle of dependency) use your purchasing power as a consumer and empower people. Help give them a sense of purpose and help improve the lives and working conditions of an entire community. I have faith in you. :)