About Heide

I’ve been a model for almost 20 years. I’ve done Guess Campaigns, I’ve been on the cover of GQ and French Playboy and…I’ve not worked. And not worked. I’ve panicked over “What am I doing wrong? Why am I not working?” Through all of that, I’ve learned to build up a whole life that both supplements my modeling career and has prepared me for life beyond it.

I’m currently a student at Columbia University, studying psychology with goal of pursuing a Clinical PhD upon graduation. I work as a research assistant in Professor Nim Tottenham’s Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab and I’ve recently embarked on my own personal fitness journey which has already been stacked with highs and lows.

I love to help people think through their problems and reframe thoughts that aren’t serving them well. If you are a model, you know the unique challenges that people outside the industry just don’t understand. That’s what I’m here for, and that’s where the name of this site came from. Our industry is overflowing with unique issues and challenges - one of which is the lack of consistent support so many models have. Often, the people who are most equipped to help us - our agents - don’t have the bandwidth to help us since they are managing so many other models. Let me be that extra support you need. I’m here to provide Space for you to talk about Anything, and to help you come up with creative solutions that leave you feeling empowered in a way that modeling often fails to do. I hope to connect with you soon!